The Complete Guide to Facebook Pixel for Digital Marketers

The Complete Guide to Facebook Pixel for Digital Marketers

The largest social networking site, Facebook replaced their conversion pixel recently. It has continued till the second half of 2016. Now, Facebook has implemented custom Audience Pixel with Facebook Pixel. This Facebook pixel can do a number of things apart from tracking conversions. The Facebook pixel is a universal code that can be placed on all the pages of your website. This code can be received from your Facebook ads manager. In Facebook advertising that is being done by linking some hyperlinks to Facebook Page contents, Facebook Pixel is the most important factor. If you want deeper audience insight, the Facebook pixel can help you. The potential and functionality of the Facebook Pixel will definitely assist you in marketing your ads. Pixel is the link between your website and the website on which you advertise. Aask For Digital Provides the complete Guide to Facebook Pixel for Digital Marketers.

The benefits of Facebook Pixel

  1. Use of Facebook pixel builds custom audiences for re-targeting.
  2. With the help of Facebook Pixels, ads can be optimised for conversions.
  3. This tracks the conversions and power back to your ads.

Functionality of Conversion Tracking Pixels

To what percentage of traffic to a webpage converts to into the actions, whichever is desired, conversion tracking is used. From a sign up to the completion of purchase, all are under a conversion. The finest technique to track conversions is to place a conversion tracking pixel on the Confirmation page or thank you page because the user definitely will reach for one of these pages after getting the desired action completed. It is called pixel because it is not visible to the user and it is in 1×1 pixel image. When the pixel image gets loaded on the page, then the technology behind it tracks this. It is quite clear that if the image is not loaded that means the user has not reached that page. This is the track on which the tracking system works. This article is the Complete Guide to Facebook Pixel for Digital Marketers.

Usually, the Facebook pixel is java script code, but the actual technology behind it is much more complex. As a marketer, we only need the knowledge about what a pixel can do for us and why we should use it. “How it works?” this question can be left for techies. Facebook pixel is not only for tracking conversions. This is a very strong link between the marketers and a piece of technology.
As we have already talked that Facebook pixel is a code of java script. So, If you are the user of WordPress, then there is an option in your theme’s setting where you can add such scripts. It also has a placeholder to include such scripts to a website. The script will load on all pages of your website. If your website theme does not support it then there are a number of plugins that will help you. Now if you deploy the Facebook pixel, the Facebook will collect all the information about the Facebook users on your website even if you are doing nothing. That is how a Facebook Pixel assists you. we hope that our readers will enjoy this article about The Complete Guide to Facebook Pixel for Digital Marketers.

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