How to Rank Number One in Google ??

How to Rank Number One in Google ??

How to Rank Number One in Google : A Study of 1 Million Pages

Getting the number one position in Google is not an easy task. A number of points are to be kept in mind if you want to see your content or your website at number one position in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation ). If we talk about SEO, the first and foremost question comes to our mind is what are the factors to rank number one in Google? Also, the answer to this question is tough. There are a number of variables which decides the position of a website or content at Google. We will Describe you How to Rank Number One in Google through this blog. These variables directly connected to your brand and its current situation; also the kinds of topics that you are creating to gain the visibility of users of search engines. We can analyse top performing web pages and we will get a lot of interesting insights. We get an overview of the factors, the factors which influence the ranking of a webpage on search engines. Here we are going to discuss all these points which can make your webpage at number one position in Google search.

• Back links : Only creating a good content is not enough to get top ranking in Google but providing adequate back links equally matters to get Top Priority in search engine marketing. People thinks that if the good content has been created you will get a good rank, but if you are not linking back links to your webpage, you are not going to rank. A very simple fundamental works here, more back linking = Higher ranking. Also, it creates a huge effect whether the back links are from a single domain or from multiple domains. It is essential to create a substantial amount of diversity while you are linking domains to your webpage.

• Keyword focus: The huge factor for ranking a webpage on SEO is keyword focus. This factor creates a huge upward movement of a webpage in search engine ranking. If the text is keyword focused that definitely, it will create an admirable impact on SEO of your webpage. Also, you will have to try to acquire back links which are containing keywords of your text. But pay attention that it should not be overdone.

• Shorter page titles/URLs: The URL works as a door to enter to a webpage and if it is created carefully then webpage can get top priority in SEM. The shorter page titles also work in the same way and there is a very strong correlation between higher search rankings and shorter page titles and URLs. The snippet optimization works really good for the larger websites, especially to e-commerce leaning websites. As much the title will short as higher ranking it will get on Google because shorter title gets the point quicker and enable the user or the visitor of a webpage to determine if the result which is being displayed will fulfil the initial need.

Let’s Conclude: Thus we can say that if we took care of above-mentioned points during the creation of our webpage and also if we take care for the algorithm, SMO and PPC then our webpage will definitely get higher ranking in SEO.

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