How to Drive Mobile App Installs with AdWords’ Universal App Campaigns

How to Drive Mobile App Installs with AdWords’ Universal App Campaigns

More installs for your iOS or Android application desired by you? People are using both iOS and android operated smartphones these days. But, the Android operated smartphone currently ranked first. The number of Android operated smartphones cover almost more than half of the smartphones number in the world. So the android supported app is getting huge profits in the market. Although free apps are preferred by the people in the android play market, but, if your app is capable for more productive results and if it is more attractive than other competitors, then people will surely like it and they will opt for it. Now the Question arises How to drive mobile app installs with ad words universal app campaigns ?

But the biggest problem with Android developers is that they are techies and not a marketer. Promoting an app and to make people talk about your app is not a piece of cake. You will have to make efforts to create a buzz about the latest app developed by you. The most effective manner of marketing something is word of mouth marketing. So, if people are talking about your app, then other people will definitely notice it and they will opt for it. There are a lot of networks and channels where you can promote your app and get some users too. But, if you want serious and genuine users, Google Ad words universal add campaigns are the best to you. It is the fastest and easiest way to drive installs for your latest developed or pre- developed a mobile app. Here, easiest way means that you do not have any need to set the target audience for your ad campaign, setting keywords or uploading something creative. It is suitable for Android as well as for iOS app also.

In Google Ad words universal ad campaigns, data for creating ad can be fetched from the App store page or Play store of your smartphone. The Google Ad words universal ad campaigns automatically optimise itself and it gets delivered to the right target audience which seems to install the app. Here we are going to discuss how to drive mobile app installs with ad words universal app campaigns following step by step procedure. Aask For Digital will give you the solution to this question How to drive mobile app installs with ad words universal app campaigns ?? 

1st Step_    Go to campaign tab, click on +campaign button, a drop down menu will appear, choose Universal App Campaign from this drop down list.
2nd Step_   In this step you have to choose your app to which you want to promote. You can select here iOS store or play store and you can search your app by typing the name of your app. Once you see your app, select it and go to the next step.
3rd Step_    Once your app got selected, Google will fetch the details of the app which will also include the images and description and create ad sets based on that. But remember, you should also give four different ad text ideas that Adwords can use along with your ads. They will use the text for discovering the best combination of applying different sets of combinations. In this way, the ads got optimised.
4th Step_     In the last step, you need to choose the target country, the daily budget and your maximum cost per install and that’s it.
Initially, the cost of per installation of the app will be high but with the passes of time as you will get more users, this cost will be reduced to almost half of the initial cost.

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