How to Craft a Remarkable SEO Strategy for 2017

How to Craft a Remarkable SEO Strategy for 2017

There is a lot to plan for 2017 regarding the SEO strategy for your Webpage. This year, let us promise ourselves to craft a remarkable SEO strategy for our industry in 2017. First of all, we have to think what are the search engines doing? How is their work affecting our strategy? We will go through some important points regarding the SEO strategy for your webpage. 
Understand the search trends of big- pictures. Following are the points about Craft a Remarkable SEO Strategy for 2017.

  •  In these days we can see a huge rise in SERP features. Google is presenting many more types of data in search results. Keywords optimisation creates a huge impact on it.
  •  In mobile phone and also for the desktop as well, a rise in the quick answer can be seen. Google tries to answer most of the queries themselves and that mean they are taking the visiting traffic from you or you can also see it as an opportunity for you to develop an SEO friendly content for your webpage and also including features which will make you at the top position in SEO.
  •  Intent v/s Targeted Keywords: The intent of the visitor or user is more important than the targeted keywords. It does not lead to the removal of keywords from your webpage. The only thing you have to understand very clearly that what the server is typing into the search engine? Only then you can serve their intent in a better way. This is the most important part to remember while crafting content for your webpage.
  •  Voice Search is getting much popularity these days and definitely, it will increase further. It is not so trendy that marketers can go after, but in near future, it will create a huge impact on SEO management and marketing. So, it is an attention seeking point to create your content in such a way so that voice searchers can get the quick result of it. By doing so, you can get higher ranking in SEO.
  •  Back links and keywords: Google is optimising the use of back links and keywords. The use of appropriate back links and if these back links are from different domains then it will get priority at SEO. Also, if the appropriate keywords have been fetched in the webpage content then it will sure shot create a remarkable success in creating a high ranking in SEO.
  •  Bias to brands is the continuing trend for over many years and it is still continued. If you have built a brand and you have done a lot of things carefully and successfully and of course, the links are the thing which can confirm you where your webpage is standing in search result ?

Make goals for your organisation to map your SEO efforts. We hope that this article about Craft a Remarkable SEO Strategy for 2017 will help you targeting your goals.

This is the next step to map the top level SEO tactics for your organisation. SEO can help with growing revenue with new customers, improve up sell to existing customers. It can lower your cost by reducing cost per acquisition. It will drive more traffic by organic search and it will reduce the cost which you are spending on marketing. Build keywords. This step is for building keywords for better search result for a user. Put some keywords in your content which are in trend and also which are related to your content. Craft a Remarkable SEO Strategy for 2017 is the most prominent article how you can optimise your web pages on Google. 

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